Amazon is the largest e-commerce giant globally, allowing people to shop anywhere. You can get almost anything you can ask for on Amazon as it has numerous options for making a purchase, i.e., preorders, backorders, subscriptions, and Amazon prime member fees. With all these options, it is better to understand when Amazon charges you? This article will explain all the information you need to know about Amazon charging your card.

When Does Amazon Charge Your Card?

Amazon gives you a variety of purchasing options, and you need a debit or credit card if you are planning to shop from Amazon. You might wonder when Amazon charges your card; I will share what I have learned on the topic. Once you know when your charge will be charged, it will be easy for you to shop on Amazon and prevent last-minute surprises.

If you order a product Amazon has sold out, you will not be charged immediately. Amazon will charge your card only when the shipping process starts. However, if you purchase from a third-party seller, the merchant may charge you at the time of your order submission.

Digging deep into the topic, let’s see when Amazon charges for preorders. Keep reading to get all the necessary information about payment on Amazon.

When Does Amazon Charge You For Preorders?

The preorder option at Amazon allows you to book your order beforehand. By choosing the option, you can get the item as soon as it arrives in stock. Moreover, this option will enable you to order a product or service yet to be released. If you preorder something from Amazon, when will it charge your card?

Amazon will charge you when you preorder something when the product is delivered or shipped. Another possibility could be a few days before the shipment. While preordering, you need to enter your card information which will stay on the document but will not be charged till the product is shipped or a few days beforehand.

When you preorder something, it gives you the possibility of getting your hands on the product on the day of release. When does Amazon charge you depends on the day of product release in this case?

How Does Amazon Preorder Work?

Preordering something from Amazon will be different from a regular product because you won’t get the product as soon as you order. You have to wait for the product to release. If you want to preorder a game, Amazon will inform you when your requested version of the game is released. It will not charge your card right away when you preorder a game; instead, when it is released and shipped to your billing address.

Moreover, Amazon charges you the lowest possible until your product is marked with a preorder price guarantee. This means that you can get your item at the lowest possible price, even if the price rises after the product’s release.

When Does Amazon Charge For Backorders?

Talking about backorders, you will be charged once the order is delivered to your shipping address. You will be required to fill in the payment method and car information, but you will not be charged unless the product is delivered.

How Does Amazon Backorder Work?

The option allows you to order an item or product that is temporarily out of stock. If the product is temporarily not in the domain, Amazon enables the seller to list them with the provision that they will be back within 30 days.

You can see when the product is on backorder while trying to order it. You will be informed if the order is out of stock and the date when the product is expected to be restocked. If the seller has not mentioned when the product will be restocked, you won’t be able to place an order.

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You will get notified if there comes any change in the date of product restocking or when it will be delivered. When you confirm the receipt of your order, then your card will be charged.

Now let’s talk about Amazon Prime membership and see when Amazon charges for an order if you have amazon prime.

When Does Amazon Charge You if You Have Amazon Prime?

Amazon prime gives you certain benefits. You have the freedom to end or pause your prime membership whenever you want.

Pausing your membership will make you temporarily inaccessible to the benefits, but you won’t be charged. If you end the membership before you enjoy any offered benefit, you can request a refund.

When Does Amazon Charge You for Subscribe and Save?

If you frequently shop from amazon, the subscribe and save method can help you save money when you order something from Amazon. So, if you are going to shop for items like a cleaning product, food supplements, you should use this option.

Amazon offers two prices for such items one-time buy price and the other is subscribe and save money. Subscribe and save money price is usually lower than one-time buy price. Thus, adding products to the save and subscribe list will help you buy them in less money. If you have enough products added to the list, you can get a discount of up to 15%on all the items.

The store will notify you if your product is unavailable, the payment method, and the expected delivery time. Amazon will charge you on subscribe and save once the order is delivered.

Does Amazon Charge You Right Away?

No, Amazon does not charge you right away after making your purchase. There are two reasons why amazon doesn’t charge you right away.

  1. If you accidentally place an order, Amazon will put the ordered item on hold for about an hour, in which you can cancel the ordered product.
  2. The second reason can be imbalanced orders, i.e., you may have several orders pending approval. In this case, Amazon will charge you only for the items that have been shipped.

Now you know when does amazon charges for an order. Not immediately after your purchase, your debit card will be debited once your product reaches the shipment stage. Nevertheless, an exception exists if you buy something from a third-party seller. It depends on the retailer when they will charge you.

Does Amazon Only Charge When Shipped?

Depending on the order and how long it will take, Amazon charges you before or just after the product is shipped. If you ordered a product out of stock, Amazon would wait unless the product comes in the shipment stage. When Amazon ships your order depends on the time you order the product. If you preorder something from amazon, it will probably arrive on the day of release or a few days beforehand.

How Long Does Amazon Take to Charge?

Now you know when does amazon charges your card., typically when the order is in the shipment process. Now, if you are interested in learning, how can you if amazon charges you yet? Keep reading

Amazon allows you to track your transaction at any time to have an idea of money debited from your account. It also has options to filter your transactions, i.e., means of payment, sent or received, and credit or debit card transaction. Nevertheless, it will not show whether the transaction was successful or failed.

Under order history, you can see the unique order id. By this order id, you can see the status of your order shipment. Login to Amazon app on your phone and check your account activity. Here you can find the transaction date, status of an order, seller, and amount.

You can check if your order was made or not under the label successful, declined, or refunded. By filtering the date, you can get more accurate information.


List of Commonly Asked Questions and Answers on a Website About Topics “When Does Amazon Charge Your Card”

Q1. Does Amazon Charge You for Canceling the Order?

Amazon does not charge you for canceling orders. If you can cancel an order, it is not shipped yet, so the customer is never charged. In case your order is shipped, then you cannot cancel it. You can, however, go for the option of a refund.

Q2. When Does Amazon Charge a Credit Card?

Amazon will charge you at the time of shipment or a few days before it, no matter whether you are shopping from an amazon card or standard credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, or JCB.

Q3. Can You Speed Up an Amazon Delivery?

Yes, you can speed up the shipping speed. Go to option your orders to locate your order. Click non-change shipping speed and select another date and time.

Q4. Are Amazon-Preorders Guaranteed?

The amazon price guarantee policy is for the items sold by Amazon, not for the items sold by a third-party seller. It is only applicable to the items or products that are yet to be released.

Final Words

Amazon has become an e-commerce giant player with almost millions of daily transactions. Now that you know when does charge you, you should plan your orders accordingly. By choosing a suitable buying option, you can save money and time.

On direct orders sold by Amazon fresh or Amazon Basic, it does not charge credit or debit cards unless the order is ready to ship or on its way to the delivery.

If you buy something from a third-party seller, the merchant may or may not charge you at the time of order placement.