Amazon allows you to order items that are yet to be released. You can pre-order things easily from Amazon. The pre-order item will ship either on its release or in advance of its release. You will not be charged immediately for the item that has not been released yet. You might be wondering when does Amazon charge for pre orders? Let’s find out the answer to all your queries related to pre-ordering items from Amazon.

Your card will be charged a few days before the item is released, probably on the day of shipment or a few days beforehand depends on the item. Amazon charges settlements 2-3 before the shipment to make sure their payments do not meet any barrier, and if it does, you still have time to do remedial changes and can get your pre-order.

Amazon won’t charge you immediately for the pre-orders until the release day. It will notify you through email whenever your desired product is available in the library. Let’s move further on the topic of when Amazon charges your card and see how pre-orders work with Amazon.

How Do Pre-Orders Work on Amazon?

If you pre-order something from Amazon, it will be shipped either on the release day or a few days before it. The checkout process for pre-orders is the same as for regular orders. Your card will not be charged immediately after when you pre-order. You can also track the status of your pre-order

Does Amazon Charge You immediately for The Pre-Orders?

If you order an item that Amazon has sold, they will not charge you until the order enters the shipping process. If you place an order from a third-party seller, the seller may or may not charge you at the time of the purchase.

How Can I See My Pre-Orders on Amazon?

Pre-ordering from Amazon works the same as regular orders on Amazon do. It begins with searching for your product of interest. They have the option of pre-ordering to add your desired product to the cart.

To check your order status, tap or click on the returns and orders in the top toolbar. You can also check your account information and navigate from there. Keep scrolling unless you find your item of interest.

Do Amazon Pre-Orders Arrive On The Day of Release?

Amazon pre-order shipment depends upon when you have placed the pre-order and are you a prime member or not.

For example, if you have Amazon Prime and place an order before, let’s say a week before the item release, the item will be shipped before the day of release. That means if you are a prime member, the shipment will often occur a few days before if you are a premium member. However, if you do not have Amazon Prime or order the item at the last moment, it will arrive on the day of release.

When Does Amazon Ship Pre-Orders?

If you are wondering, does Amazon ship pre orders early? Yes, mostly it does. Suppose you waited till the last moment to order unless the product is released. It makes it difficult for Amazon to ship and deliver your order before the day of release. The prime members are given priority.

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In this case, Amazon has a refund policy. You will get your money back if you have paid for the product delivery on the day of release and receive your package later than the day anticipated.

How to Set Up a Pre-Order On Amazon?

Now, after having an idea of when does Amazon charge for pre order, you might want to know the procedure of pre-ordering something on Amazon.

  1. Open your Amazon app on iPhone or Android. You can also order from the website using pc or mac.
  2. Now search for your item of interest to order in the top search bar.
  3. If the product is yet to release, you will see the tag pre-order in the Add to cart button. You can see the expected release date of the product mentioned above in green. Add the item to your cart.
  4. Upon adding the product to the cart, you will be asked to confirm the decision by a message and listing the total charges. Click on the “proceed to checkout” button if you want to confirm your order.
  5. You can complete the checkout process just like a regular order by giving the necessary details like address and contact number.
  6. Further, click on the place of your order.
  7. You can check the status of your order by clicking “Returns and orders” in the top toolbar. You can also snap on your account information and direct the page from there.
  8. Upon scrolling down to your order, click on the yellow track package button, double-check the release date, and track your package once it is released.

If the release date changes or is delayed, you should get an email. You are allowed to cancel the order if the alteration in the release date does not suit you.

Does Amazon Pre-Order Charge Your Card?

Amazon processes millions of orders daily and ships in more than 100 countries as a global e-commerce leader. If you ever shop or plan to do so on Amazon, you may need a debit or credit card to make a purchase. You might be wondering when does amazon charges you for the pre-order. It does not charge your card right away; instead, a few days before the shipment process starts. If the item you pre-ordered has the price guarantee, you will be charged the lowest price mentioned between the date you ordered and the release date.

If you want more information about pre-order payments on Amazon, keep reading for all the details. To save time and trouble, Amazon typically waits till the product you order comes in the shipping process before charging the customer card unless a third party is involved.

Can You Cancel a Pre-Order on Amazon?

You see how pre-orders work on Amazon do. Now let’s see if you cancel your pre-order from Amazon. Well, it varies and depends on the process your order is in. Let me explain

Orders that have been shipped cannot be canceled. If you submit a cancellation request once your order has been shipped, you may get a message from the seller that the order has been sent. However, you have the option of returning the item for a refund. You can find the details in the return and refund policy. Contact the seller and mention the order ID and the reason for the cancellation.

After placing an order, you have 30 minutes to cancel it. If you place an order which has not been shipped yet and you want to cancel it, luckily, Amazon allows you to do that. Within the past couple of hours or 24 hours, you can cancel the order before it leaves the warehouse, depending on your chosen shipping speed.

It should be noted that you will get an email notifying you about the cancellation of your order within an hour or two. However, time depends on whether your product is sold by Amazon or a third-party seller. In this case, you would need to contact the seller and check your order status.

Final Words

Now you may get the answer to when does Amazon charge for pre order? Amazon processes millions of transactions daily. As you see, it does not charge your card immediately after your order has been placed. However, if you buy something from a third-party seller, the merchant can charge you at the time of order placement. For the most part, Amazon has a relaxed return policy, so you can cancel or return your pre-order and initiate the process whenever you want.


List of Commonly Asked Questions and Answers on a Website About Topics “When Does Amazon Charge for Pre Order

Q1. Amazon Does Not Charge Until Shipped-is it True?

Yes, Amazon does not charge you until the order enters the shipping process or a few days before shipping. If you place an order from a third-party seller, you can be charged at the time of purchase.

Q2. Can You Get The Game Early if You Pre-Order it?

Amazon delivers pre-orders on the day it is released. If you order a game before the week it is released and has Amazon Prime, you will get it on the day of release.

Q3. If I Pre-Order a Game On Amazon, When Will I Get it?

On release day, the selected unreleased games and software you pre-ordered from Amazon are automatically delivered to you.