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Special Holiday pricing makes this new multi-media College Planning Educational System affordable for the masses.

Rather than the brighter financial future many college students anticipated, college has left students disenchanted with their experience and the value of their education, 7 in 10 parents spending more than anticipated, and generations of families buried in debt.

After talking with thousands of former students and parents, the LFE Institute, an unbiased Financial Wellness firm for nearly three decades, discovered many of the problems related to college were due to a lack of transparency, an abundance of false or misleading information, and the difficulty in identifying ‘insider secrets’ to help avoid costly mistakes.

This is why LFE created the first multi-media College Planning Educational System to help families overcome these issues. The firm pre-launched its 5-Step College Action Plan (CAP) System for students earlier this year, then added the 12-Point Guide for parents and live workshops. It is now complementing this unique System with the College 10 – an on-demand Video Library – during its national launch to help both students and parents be more informed as they navigate today’s complex college planning decisions.

“Our mission was not to duplicate the helpful information already available, but to fill in the gaps and educate families on missing information that has led to so many costly mistakes today,” says Alice Whinnery, a former CPA with PwC and CEO of the LFE Institute. “As educators, our role is to help families make more informed decisions that will impact their financial lives for decades.”

LFE found a wealth of College Planning information prior to creating the CAP System, but families stated that was part of the problem. The process is overwhelming and confusing, critical details are often missed, too much debt is incurred, and many fail to explore low-cost alternatives to college.

This led LFE to add the College 58 to the CAP System, which is 58 essential questions to ask, along with step-by-step videos and specialized resources to identify the best answers as students complete their own College Action Plan for their academic life and future career.

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The popularity of its 5-Step CAP videos also led to the latest CAP component: The College 10, a series of 10-minute (or less) educational videos on specific up-to-the-minute trends and traps every family needs to know before spending a dime on college. This Library will continue to expand with new videos added every month.

“There’s no greater gift to give those with a college-bound student in their lives than the gift of education this Holiday Season,” states Whinnery. “That’s why during our national launch, we’re offering special pricing for an Annual Subscription to the CAP System for only $95. That’s a $200 savings … and a gift that will last a lifetime!”

About the LFE Institute

The LFE Institute has provided unbiased Financial Wellness education for nearly three decades, working with employers such as 3M, Best Buy, Target, Sears, Harley Davidson, Wells Fargo Bank, as well as CPAs, Advisory networks, Benefit & Pension Providers, and military families throughout the U.S. LFE now specializes exclusively in providing multi-media a College Planning Educational System to help families master skills to avoid costly college mistakes, identify insider secrets colleges aren’t telling them, answer essential questions millions fail to ask and learn the latest trends and traps every college-bound family needs to know.

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