When Suneet Singal entered the business world, he couldn’t have known all of the places that would take him. He is a serial entrepreneur who has been creating new businesses for the last two decades. Today, he is a finance architect who works in many different sectors. These include FinTech, corporate structure, real estate, renewable energy, and consumer retail. As a successful entrepreneur with a long track record of founding companies, he has picked up an enormous amount of skills along the way that he can apply to different business sectors. This has made him a dynamic business executive and has allowed him to serve in many different roles. Serial entrepreneurship has served him well and brought him a high level of success. 

Roles and Industries

Working in various industries has been a great way to expand his skill set and to stay on the cutting edge of business today. He was the chairman and CEO of an equity REIT. He was also once the CEO of a business development corporation. He also served as the CEO of a real estate operating company that is traded on Nasdaq. Before these positions, he was an operator who built and sold private businesses and assets. He has had many different board positions and has filled various C-suite roles in both private and public companies. 

He has extensive experience across a number of industries and business roles. He specialized in a number of aspects of business, including transactional and corporate negotiations, deal structure, acquisition, development, strategy, complete financial structuring, and equity and debt placements or direct investment. At one time, he was focused on real estate master plans, transportation-oriented development, land entitlement, commercial real estate, principal sponsorship, equity, and advisory. He engaged in all of these processes as a part of his many companies. Today, he’s focused on real estate and non-real estate assets and companies. 

Business Accomplishments

Being in business for so long and having entrepreneurial experience has led to many accomplishments for Suneet Singal. In 2013, he took $250,000 and turned it into $175 million before leaving that company in 2015. He created and ran three real estate companies that were publicly traded. He founded several companies that each had hundreds of employees. He also turned around several distressed situations and created success stories and positive shareholder growth. 

His many businesses have made a positive impact in terms of creating jobs and helping shareholders. He continues to be a force in business and plays a big role in real estate.