Rapidly evolving modern society is truly a double-edged sword. Along with the unimaginable evolutionary steps in quality of life, there are inevitable consequences. Especially, with the young people who are the main source of labor for that development, the insomnia in them is increasing. The following insomnia treatments for young people below are what you need to know to apply and prevent for yourself. Buy a massage chair at: Ghe massage.

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  1. Causes of insomnia in young people

When talking about insomnia among young people, Assoc. Dr. Vu Anh Nhi said that young people are currently under many impacts from society, including internal and external. These impacts can be the pressure of study, work, emotional relationships or it can be nutrition, unhealthy activities,… Not only that, the young people are “addicted to” using technology, using cell phones or electronic devices anytime during the day, especially before going to bed has also significantly affected their sleep. In addition, the polluted living environment, the habit of alcohol abuse, stimulants,… are not outside the causes of insomnia in young people.

In addition, the effects of the external life and the ongoing metabolism in the body are also increasing the overproduction of controlling a variety of free radicals. “Toxins” in these radicals will damage the blood vessel walls, thereby facilitating the formation of plaques, clots causing pressure on arteries, hindering the transport of oxygen and nutrients to the brain. Therefore, the disorders of the body began to occur, specifically insomnia, which makes the treatment of insomnia for young people if not applied immediately, causing unpredictable consequences.

  1. The Health Dangers of Insomnia in Young People

This situation will cause immeasurable dangers if not know how to treat insomnia for young people.

2.1. Risk of high blood pressure

When normal sleep is interrupted, it leads to nervous tension. From there, the body reacts to this stress by signs such as increased heart rate, increased blood pressure. If this condition persists without insomnia treatment for young people, the patient may develop chronic hypertension.

2.2. Depression

Depression is a disease that tends to increase rapidly and complicatedly in young people. Psychologists have said that one of the causes of this problem is insomnia.

Brain scans showed that sleep deprivation abnormally increased emotional activities in the brain, thereby causing mental disorder. Without timely treatment of insomnia, brain function can be changed. This is extremely dangerous, and cannot be ignored.

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2.3. Distraction

When sleep is interrupted, your brain spends very little time in a state called REM, the deepest sleep. This state is believed by scientists to be extremely necessary for human health because it helps the mind to rest completely after a long stressful day. If the demand for “REM” cannot be fully met, young people will experience sluggishness and difficulty in functioning, especially when it is necessary to remember something.

Not only that, people who get REM sleep often feel happier, more active and have a healthier perception of life. So, if you lose sleep, you will always be in a state of anxiety, stress, and not feeling the meaning of what you are doing.

2.4. Risk of weight gain and cancer

When you sleep, it is only your brain that is resting. The body’s vital metabolic processes will most likely happen at this point. Therefore, lack of sleep will slow down that process, causing high blood sugar levels, thereby increasing the risk of obesity.

  1. How to treat insomnia for young people

Because of the danger of this disease, the treatment of insomnia for young people needs to be applied immediately into everyday life as soon as possible.

Muscular relaxation and psychological

– Before bed, you can exercise gently with a treadmill or exercise bike to stimulate resting muscles and easier to fall asleep is also a way to treat insomnia for young people.

– Listen to soothing music, or read books to relax psychology, avoid quarrels or watch movies, play games with agitating or overly emotional content.

– You can take a hot shower before going to bed to easily have a deeper sleep.

– Foot soak or foot massage because the foot is the place to gather most of the important points of the body. Making blood circulation in the feet is a very effective way to treat insomnia for young people.

– Use a massage chair when your body is tired. Massage chairs have an effect that you would not expect. So let Elipsport Sports Group relieve all stresses for a healthier life!