How to Remove Credit Card from Google Play Store?

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Google Play Store is a marvelous platform allowing its users to download millions of different applications. These applications are of a wide variety including music, games, and other sorts of content. With over 3 million applications on the Play Store you can immerse in new experiences all the time. Most applications are available for free and anyone can download them at any time. But there are some apps that need to be purchased to fully experience their features. This is why more often than not; a credit card is attached with the Google Play Store. This credit card helps you make in-app purchases within no time.

Every single day, it is estimated that more than 4000 apps are added on Google Play Store. And with so many people working from home, there is a huge potential for people to add their credit cards with the Play Store app. These apps can help you spend time in a better way and kill your boredom as well. Most people have multiple credit cards attached with the Play Store to never hinder their purchasing new applications. Because 3.9 billion or half of the world’s population is online and utilizing the Play Store for downloading various applications, there is a huge chance that credit cards are connected with the Play Store.

There are many scenarios where people unbeknownst attach a credit card with their Google Play Store and have no idea why and where their money is going. Similarly, what if your child accidently added your credit card details and synced it with your account? You have to remove the credit card from the Play Store immediately. Some people do not have the knowledge to accomplish this task. To overcome this problem, we provide a step by step guide to remove credit card from the Google Play Store.

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Removing Credit Card Details from Google Play Store

To access the Google Play Store, you must possess an Android phone and do the following:

  1. Open the Google Play Store app on your phone.
  2. On the top left portion of the screen, you will see three horizontal lines. They are also known as the ‘hamburger’ menu.
  3. Click on this icon to select.
  4. You will see Payment Methods in the dropdown menu that has opened up.
  5. Click on this icon to select.
  6. Next, you will see the icon which says More Payment Settings.
  7. Another popup will open on your screen.
  8. It will ask you or give you options to choose the browser you want to utilize for this purpose.
  9. Pick any browser options that you have on your phone (honestly everything just works in the same manner whichever browser you opt for i.e. Google, Opera, and others).
  10. When your phone prompts for Open with you may select Just Once or Always option as per your own preferences.
  11. The browser will load the Google Play Store option.
  12. It will ask you to enter your credentials to Log in to the account.
  13. Once you are able to do that, it is time to find the credit card you want to remove.
  14. Scroll down and click on the credit card details you wish to remove from the Google Play Store.
  15. Click on the Remove option.
  16. When the browser prompts confirmation, click on the remove option once again so that your choice is final.

And voila! Your credit card has been permanently removed from the Google Play Store. Depending on your requirement, you may add another credit card details right then and there or return to the adding process and attach some other credit card details!

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Final Words

Google Play Store is filled with millions of different applications. They are entertaining and often help us in different spheres of life. Most of them are free of cost, but some may charge to unlock every feature of this application. This is why many people attach credit cards to their Play Store. For a few dollars they can access multiple features and fully immerse themselves in the application’s experience.

While it may sound interesting and fun to many people, it presents quite a lot of threat to others. Credit cards are automatically deducted for the payments by different applications. You should be very vigilant when it comes to financial matters. You may even go bankrupt or credit score may decline due to this reason. This is why you must always keep an eye on which credit cards (if you have multiple) are connected with Google Play Store so you may take timely actions.

At the same time, some people, especially children, become addicted to some applications, specifically those that are games. They start paying large sums of money to unlock more features of the game. In many cases, the parents are not even aware of their child’s shenanigans and ultimately have to pay a large price for their children’s mistake. It is absolutely vital to keep an eye on the Google Play Store and your activity in such scenarios. Because you don’t only waste a lot of money on these apps but you simultaneously waste a lot of time on these applications. This can hinder and bring complications in your real life no matter which stage of life you are in (whether you are a student, child, spouse, or even parent). Striking the balance between using different Google Play Store apps and managing the rest of your life is absolutely important. Many people tend to miss it and have to pay a hefty price in all aspects of their life later on.

For whatever reason you want to remove your credit card details from the Google Play Store, there is no need to panic. This is because above mentioned guide will help you out and make the whole process much easier. Try this method right now and free yourself of all the stress that you have regarding this issue. 

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