Are you hoping to find out how much money you have spent on League of Legends? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Read ahead to find out exactly how you can find the money LoL’s in-game loot has looted from you.

Riot Games has allured many gamers into spending on Riot Games’ exclusive currency, called Riot Points – also called RP. To buy anything with “real” money, players have to spend a few bucks to buy the game currency first. RP is then used to purchase your desired skins and emotes in League of Legends. Although Riot Games also has other popular computer games – an honorable mention being the first-person-shooter Valorant – League of Legends has been the most-played game released by Riot Games by far. LoL is one of the most played competitive games in the world, period. So, it isn’t a surprise that more than a few players – because of the players’ obsessions, mind you – have spent a whole lot of money on the fancy in-game items on the popular game. If you are like us and are afraid you spent almost $1000 on your favorite game, read ahead to find out!

How much an Average League Player Spends on the Game

LoL is a free-to-play video game; you can enjoy all of the core gameplay, including multiplayer online, without spending a penny. But as with other free-to-play games, developers need to find ways to earn some money back. Jokes aside, a video game developer works hard to bring you awesome skins and other buyable items – not to mention developing the entire games you know and love – and deserves ways to earn back. We stand with you, our beloved game developers! Keep bringing us great content. Sorry for getting carried away there – back to the topic at hand.

Sure, you can venture right into the majestic world of Runterra and match your skills with and against enemies in the challenging Summoner’s Rift for free; but, if you want to look badass while doing it, a vibrant skin is your best friend. A majority of players spend money on the game for skins, emotes, and icons. They allow you to personalize the gameplay and play LoL the way you enjoy it. Some gamers even spend Riot Points to support the developers at Riot Games.

Regardless of why you are spending your money on the online game, it is highly likely that you’ve already spent at least $100 on the game; the average League of Legends player pays around that amount. This number is a global average based on data from all regions and countries. Not all famous video game players need to spend around this amount; players are more than happy with the core-game items and do not feel the need to spend money on purchasable items. Others can go to extremes and buy literally everything the Shop has to offer, which costs thousands of dollars.

Why Spending Money on League is Worth it?

People on Reddit and other social networks have been telling stories of their in-game money spendings, and most players of the popular video game agree that it is money well-spent. The best exclusive game items are the gorgeous skins and chromas players buy for their favorite champions to showcase their skills. The game development company puts a lot of effort into making these in-game skins and chromas, especially the legendary, ultimate, and exclusive prestige skins. The designs, animations, and color schemes for these skins are awe-inspiring. They have been getting better through the years. Don’t believe us? Go and have a look at the difference between Zoe and Star Guardian Zoe, between Senna and High Noon Senna, between Garen and God-King Garen, the list can go on. Have you seen the Storm Dragon Lee Sin skin? Each skin speaks for itself and is phenomenally better than the basic champion’s appearance.

LoL players also spend their money on battle passes, the loot crafting system, or the Hextech. Battle passes grant players access to better in-game loot and free items that would otherwise cost RP. Event passes are a game purchase that helps players access exclusive missions and rewards for those missions. Each mission has specific milestones to reach, which will earn you prestige points for the online game. To earn enough prestige points for an exclusive prestige skin, you’ll have to complete a total of four events since each event earns you 25 points, and a prestige skin costs 100 points. Call me Thorin, but these golden prestige skins give me fever. 

How to Find How Much You’ve Spent on League?

Internet laws like the GDPR and the CCPA require internet companies to disclose user information back to them, and that’s good news for us! Finding how much money have I spent on League of legends is pretty straightforward. For some players like us, though, it is a potentially horrifying process. If you are brave enough to find out, these are the simple steps to take:

  1. Go to Riot Games’ support page for League of Legends and go to “League of Legends” basics. A much simpler way is just to Google “How Much Money Have I Spent on League of Legends,” and you’ll find the Riot support page right away.
  2. Sign in to the account for which you want to check your online game spending.
  3. Hit the heart-wrenching, red “Show Me The Money” button. And voila!

That’s about it, mostly. Riot Games will show you the money spent in League of Legends on the specific account you’ve logged in from and your current region. It is important to note that since Riot support shows you the money spent only for the particular server your account is on at the moment, the page won’t show the money you’ve spent from regions other than your current shard. Smurf account users and players that have transferred regions will need to check and add. If you want a detailed breakdown of all your spending’s, you might need to contact Riot Games support; they will send you a detailed report within 30 days.

We’re With You!

If you’re looking at that red Show Me The Money button with bated breath, don’t worry because you’re not alone. A fair lot of us have wasted lots of money on League of Legends’ items. In some cases, these items buy us. Our favorite game purchase is the God-King Garen skin. What’s yours?