How much does a full body massage chair cost?


There are many brands of full body massage chairs currently on the market. They belong to many different price segments. In this article, Elipsport Sports Group will send you information about how much the massage chair is. In addition, you can directly price products at:

  1. How much does a full full body massage chair cost?

Actually you can not get the exact answer to the question of how much does a massage chair cost? Because this price stretches over a wide range. Depending on your needs, financial conditions and features available on the device, you can choose the right product for your family. However, in general in our country, the most popular full body massage chair models usually cost between 30 and 100 million dong.


  1. The popular massage chair price segments in Vietnam today

2.1. The price segment is about 30 million dong

Devices in this segment usually have only regular massage functions and do not have other advanced features. This product will be suitable for customers who only need relaxing massage without special therapeutic functions.

Massage chair for about 30 million VND often uses vibrating motors to massage the body. They do not feature infrared massage. The rollers of these chairs still work up and down according to the roller to help you reduce aches and pains. However, the effectiveness of deep massage is not equal to the higher price products. Other intensive massage functions such as squeezing, patting, and squeezing are not very effective and are quite simple.


2.2. Price segment over 30 to about 60 million

This is the segment for the question “how much does a massage chair cost in the mid-range segment”. These devices are the most popular because they meet most of the popular customer requirements. Massage chairs from 30 to 60 million are often integrated with a full body massage with infrared heating and airbags. The roller movement in these devices is also wider and more flexible, extending from the neck to the buttocks. In addition, they also have a reclining massage mode to help reduce pressure on the spine and reduce stress. Besides, depending on the characteristics of each brand, there may be a bluetooth connection feature for you to listen to music during a relaxing massage.

2.3. Price segment over 60 to about 80 million

What is there for massage chairs in the 80 million dong segment? With this money you can buy CBU products from the world’s leading brands, for example Japan. The components of these seats are guaranteed to international standards.

With such high-priced chairs, you will get a full full body massage from the neck to the feet for maximum relaxation. You can also adjust the distance between the 2 massage rollers. This feature is very beneficial for people with osteoarthritis such as degenerative spine, spinal spine, disc herniation … Besides, the chair also has an infrared heating system in both legs and back. Your muscles are extremely relaxed and pain relief.

Another special feature of the massage chair in this segment is the zero gravity massage mode, the handle and the LCD screen to control the device’s functions. They help you fully experience the values ​​that the device brings. See more massage chair products: Ghe massage toan than.

2.4. The price segment is over 80 to about 100 million dong

If you have about 100 million and wondered how much to buy a massage chair, you should choose products in this price segment. They reach the perfection of technology, materials as well as design. They usually have 4D massage rollers. This is the most modern massage technology today. In addition, the chair is usually made of monolithic silicon that is soft with leather and increases the durability of the chair. These products also incorporate many different types of massage, many movements such as stretching, deep pressing, squeezing, muscle clapping, acupressure …

In particular, integrated Body Scan technology has the function of automatic acupoint detection. The intelligent scanning function helps the roller to focus properly on the painful body area. This segment massage chair also has outstanding technologies such as surround sound; multiple airbags in the shoulders, nape, arms, legs, and buttocks; Intensive foot massage mode. These devices usually have a modern console like a detachable or not a tablet.

Many people still think that massage chairs are a luxury product that only the rich can use. However, there are currently many price segments for this device in the Vietnamese market. Through this article, we have together to find out how much a massage chair costs. Don’t forget to share it if you find this information, which Elipsport Sports Group provides, useful.


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