PayPal has become the most popular method to make payments these days. It is widely accepted by everyone in the real world and the online world as well. This is because it is easy to use and the whole checkout process from the transaction is quite simple. When it comes to shopping, whether by brick-and-mortar stores or through online shopping, Target has been the number one go-to place for people.

From buying groceries to clothing goods, a person can find all kinds of things to purchase at Target. You can find Target outlets everywhere in America. In fact, it is one of the most common and widely popular supermarket for the average-income citizens of the United States. People who regularly use the services of Target often wonder does Target take PayPal. In order to rid you of this confusion, read this blog and get rid of your confusion once and for all.

Can I Use PayPal at Target Stores?

Yes, you can use PayPal at Target stores. The contactless payment method is becoming increasingly popular in the industry. Target understands the dire need to keep this option open for their customers. All a customer has to do is to open the application of PayPal on Apple or Android phones and your task is accomplished after scanning the bar at the QR counter.

How do You Use PayPal at Target?

You can use PayPal at Target quite easily. If you are shopping at the brick-and-mortar store, it is very simple. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the PayPal application on your phone.
  2. Then scan the QR code on the designated counter at Target.
  3. Your payment is now complete.

If you are shopping online, here are the steps to use PayPal at Target:

  1. Make sure the connected PayPal account is verified and contains enough funds to make the payment complete.
  2. At the checkout time of the online transaction, choose PayPal option.
  3. To authenticate the payment, you will be redirected to log in to your PayPal account.
  4. Once done, choose the PayPal account connected to the payment method.
  5. If your connection is successful, it will be completed and order will be complete. 

Does Target Take PayPal Credit?

Yes, Target accepts PayPal credit but there is one condition that you must be aware of. You are only eligible for PayPal credit if your credit score is right and accurate. You can confirm with the cashier if the store is accepting PayPal Credit in that point of time or not. Alternatively, if you are shopping online, you can go to the website of Target and confirm the availability of PayPal credit from there.

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What is Target’s Accepted Payment Methods?

Target is a huge business. At least thousands of customers come to their branches every single day. In fact, we might be able to round of the number Target customers to a million per day. In order to cater to their business and provide ease and comfort to their customers’ shopping experience, they must put many different options in place.

When it comes to accepted payment methods at Target, they kept in mind that there must be multiple options and routes available for the customers. This not only increases their customer retention, but also enhances the popularity of their stores. With multiple options present, no customer is ever let down (or in very rare cases this might happen) but in most cases, an abundance of payment methods has led to a high customer preference rate at Target.

Here are some of the payment methods that you can use while making a transaction at Target:

1.  Via Cash

This one is probably the most obvious other method that you can use to make payments at a Target store. All you have to give them is a few notes of cash in the hands of the cashier and your transaction is done.

2.  Through Debit/Credit Card

Bank issued and verified debit or credit cards are also accepted at Target. The payments are completed by swiping the card one time at the counter. Your payment transaction is completed without any hassle through debit or credit cards.

3.  From Target Red Card

Are you a regular customer of Target? They have a policy of issuing special red cards that serve as credit or debit card. You can easily make payments from them as well.

4.  By Writing Personal Checks

You can write personal checks to Target. This method of payment is accepted as well. Just make sure that you have enough balance in the account when Target cashes that check on a later date. Otherwise, there are serious consequences involved in handling the matter of clearing finances.

5.  Via Target Gift Cards

If you shop at Target regularly, they will issue gift cards over a period of time. You can accumulate points or discounted money on Target gift cards and use them at the time of payment. These gift cards are often valid for select items that is why it is important to ensure that you use them on proper occasions.

6.  Through Banking Gift Cards

More often than not, banks issue gift cards for their loyal customers. At times, these gift cards provided by banking services are usable at Target as well. You can use these vouchers like gift cards to make your payments.

It is important to remember that the mode of transactions is not limited to the ones discussed above. Actually, Target also accepts payments via contactless methods such as Apple and Android payment applications. Of course, PayPal is also a part of those contactless payment methods. The above discussed options must give you a clear idea about the variety of options that you have available in your hand when it comes to making payments at different Target stores.

Final Verdict:

The answer to does Target take PayPal to make payments is yes. Target is one of the most popular stores all across America. Due to this reason, it has the ability to cater different customers in every possible way. When it comes to payment methods, no person has to worry about the limitation of mode of transaction. If you have been confused about using PayPal at Target, you can rest assured and go to the store with confidence. You can use PayPal at Target stores without any hindrances.