Credit cards are magical tools to use while going out for shopping. With one single swipe, you can easily pay for any item that you want to purchase. All you have to do in return is to pay the bank back in a specific period of time with a set amount of interest. Any individual who gets the credit card from the bank can use it wherever the card is acceptable. However, the authorization to swipe and use of the card is not limited to a single person or owner of the credit card. Instead, more than one person can be authorized to use the credit card.

In order to allow multiple users on the same credit card, the owner must go to the parent bank of the credit card. They must place a request at the bank to add their names in the authorization list of the respective card. Credit card details are crucial and can have a large impact on its usage. This is why most people have many questions in regards to the information provided to the bank when applying for a credit card. One of the most frequently asked questions is that does billing address name have to match credit cards? This blog provides the answer to this question in detail.

Does Billing Address Name have to Match Credit Cards?

More often than not, people are confused about such details when it comes to handling credit cards and the billing address present on it. The answer to this question is simple; yes, your billing address name has to match the credit cards otherwise you will not be able to execute any transactions through the credit card. Before we discuss this in detail, let us have a look at some related factors before.

What is a Billing Address?

The address you provide the bank at the time of opening the bank account and applying for a credit card is called the billing address. The bank sends different bank documents such as bank statements and other announcements to this address. If your credit card address and billing address do not match one another, your payment will not execute completely.

Does My Billing Address Have To Match My Credit Card?

As mentioned before, it is necessary that your billing address has to match the address on the credit card. Every time a transaction occurs at a POS, a cross check occurs to ensure that the billing address and credit card address are the same. If this verification fails, the POS will not accept your credit card and the payment will fail on the spot. These sorts of mistakes need to be avoided to ensure a smooth process.

Does the Name on the Credit Card Matter?

No, the name on the credit card does not really matter. This is because more than one person can have access to the credit card. It is important that the person using the credit card has approval from the bank and is authorized to swipe the credit card at different places. The name limit is not imposed because oftentimes one family shares the same credit card. For example, a wife may take her husband’s credit card to do some grocery shopping. She can use her name to sign the documents. Her husband, who is the owner of the credit card, will be the responsible one to pay off the debts acquired from the purchase.                                                                                  

Can a Billing Address be Different from a Credit Card?

No, the billing address cannot be different from a credit card. This is because if both of these are different then the bank will have nowhere to send the charges of the items that you purchased. In short, if the billing address is different from the credit card, then the transaction will not complete.

What Happens If You Enter The Wrong Billing Address?

Different sellers have different methods setup when dealing with incorrect information for the billing address. Most of the time, the POS (online or in-person) will request you to enter the billing information once again. In some scenarios, the POS might not be able to figure out the incorrect billing information quickly and will send you an email informing you of the failure of purchase execution. Either way, by entering the wrong billing address, you will not be able to complete the purchase at any cost.

Fixing the “Address Did Not Match” Error Successfully

Here is how you can fix the “Address Did Not Match” error successfully:

  1. Recheck all the spellings and numerical data that you provided.
  2. Ensure that the billing address is the same as the one that you are providing at the prompt.
  3. In the Line 1, only add the street address. Some people fail to do that and end up receiving errors. The remaining details about your apartment or house should be mentioned in Line 2.
  4. Contact the customer support service of the bank to cross check the details if none of the above mentioned solutions work.

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How to Check the Billing Address for Your Credit Card?

Here is how you can check the billing address for your credit card:

  1. If you receive bank statements of the credit card regularly, check the address on them.
  2. Most banks offer online portals for their customers to keep an eye on their details. You can extract all the desired information from there.
  3. Ask customer support service if there is no other way to figure out the billing address.  

How Can I Change My Billing Address?

There are several different ways that you can use to change the billing addresses. Here are some of them:

Go to the Bank

You can always go to the parent bank and apply for a change in the billing address.

Contact Customer Service

You can call the customer support and request them to change your credit card billing address.

Bank App or Website

Every bank has an application or a website portal these days. From there, you can make the necessary changes to the billing address.

Update Address via Post Mail

Despite popular belief, banks still accept posted mail. You can use the postal service and send the bank a request to change the address of your billings.


In short, the answer to the billing address name has to match the credit card is yes. This is because in any other case, the transaction will not be completed and your credit card will not be accepted.