The primary purpose of this article is to discuss different credit card checker live or dead tools and websites. Online financial transactions have become a norm in our world today. Everything can be shopped for online. This means that the use of credit cards has become more and more popular. And with every positive development in the world, there is an increase in frauds and problems related to it.

Similarly, there is a rapid increase in the frauds occurring related to credit cards. In order to counter those, there are many tools available which allow credit card holders to check its validity and authenticity. Most of these applications use a Bank Identification Number (BIN) in order to discover the information related to a credit card. The purpose of this article is to discuss different credit card checkers live or dead tools and websites.

Credit Card Checker Live or Dead Tools:

Credit Card Verifier

Like every credit card verifier, this app also demands the user to put in the 16-digit credit card number. This app does not inform the user whether the card is active or not, rather it just lets the user know whether it is valid or invalid.

It supports all the credit card brands such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and many others. Luhn algorithm is used to process this app. This app provides a guarantee that the data entered by the user will not be sent, collected, or stored by the app for any purpose. It has a score of 3.8 from all its users.


This is a website which offers the services of checking the credit card online and for free. All the information related to a credit card can be checked through this portal. It is authentic, free of cost, and easy to use. The user interface is straightforward and can be used by a layman as well.

The numbers on the credit card are used by the application in order to identify whether the bin is alive or dead. This a very good credit checker alive or dead. It is efficient and effective. Just like credit card verifier, this app also ensures that the software does not store, edit, or distribute any personal information whatsoever.

BIN Codes

This is another platform which is a credit card checker live or dead. It also follows the same method. In order to check the validity of the card, a 13 to 19-digit number needs to be entered. The number must be accurate with proper formatting. There should be no space between the numbers either. The user interface is easy to use and everyone can utilize it easily.

Through this way a user can easily find out the validity of their cards without much hassle.  Apart from checking the validity of the credit cards, this website allows its users to check the BIN base on the updated database that is made available. Like all other tools, this one also supports all the giant credit and debit card brands which includes but is not limited to VISA, MasterCard and many others.

One of the best things about this app is that they provide a disclaimer to their user beforehand that all the information they share with the users is for informational purposes. The website cannot be held liable in terms of providing it with accurate data. The exact accurate data can only be obtained by contacting the bank.

Namso Gen Live/Dead

This is a mobile and website app used to check whether a credit card is alive or dead.  It is also a very straight-forward and easy to use app. Apart from that, the BIN base can be used of this in order to find further information about a credit card. This app has access to the database regarding it. It also provides the disclaimer of not being liable for providing authentic data in case of any problems.

All credit card brands including Visa, MasterCard, Diner’s Club, and other ones can be checked through Namso Gen Live/Dead app. It is recommended by this app that if any serious payments are being made or any other important financial transaction is about to happen, then this app should not be used. Instead, the bank must be consulted. This means that accuracy is lacking in this app. So in order to ensure that no problems occur, this app must be avoided completely when doing an important transaction. It is also guaranteed to the users that their personal information will not be stored, shared, or altered in any way or form.

Bin-Checker Pro

This is another credit card checker live or dead app. It has almost all the features. The first 6 to 8 digits are used by the app in order to identify all the credit or debit card information from the BIN database. They have around 340,000 BIN in their database. All these numbers are unique from one another. Through the use of this app, the chances of doing any kind of online bank frauds are minimized.

All the basic details required to capture any of the fraudulent activities going on can be easily identified from this app. All credit card brands including Visa, MasterCard, Diner’s Club, as well as many other ones can be checked through this app. Moreover, they also provide the policy of not storing, changing, or distributing personal data about a user. They have a strict policy regarding the user information safety.


Most of these tools, apps, and websites are similar to one another. A major difference can be observed in just their user interface or the number of digits they ask as input. All of these guarantee customers that their data will remain private and will not be disclosed to the public in any condition. They all have a very distinct and huge BIN database with thousands of BIN numbers and their information in it.

Even though these are good options but it is important to remember that these apps can never be fully trusted. It is important to check user reviews online and look for authentic reviews. Those apps with the best reviews should be opted for. But the best option is to always contact your bank for the most reliable and accurate information.


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