The concept of credit and debit has completely revolutionized the world of banking and payments. Through continuous refinements and technology enhancements, financial transactions have turned into a single touch activity. Those days are long gone when people would stand in long queues to get their bank tasks completed. Today, you can send, receive, and perform other bank related activities through your smartphones. Apart from all other facilities such as messaging, calling, Google searches, and high-quality cameras, smartphones allow users to accomplish their financial matters within no time. And when it comes to smartphones, Apple phones are some of the best devices out there.

Billions of people utilize the services of iPhones every single day. It is not only a smartphone but it is also a luxury device. iPhones have become the latest fashion statements all over the globe. If you are an influential personality, you should have an iPhone in your pocket. Users who have always utilized iPhones find it very difficult to switch to any other kind of phone. This is because of their outstanding features that no one else can compete against in the current market. Apple Pay is one of the software applications that is available at the Apple Store for every user to download and use as they please. But here arises the most important question; can you get cash back with Apple Pay? How much? To get rid of this confusion, we will discuss every aspect of Apple Pay and the process of getting the cash back.

Can You Get Cash Back with Apple Pay? How Much?

It is not possible that as a smartphone user you have not come across the term Apple Pay and how it has taken over the banking industry in recent years. Apple Pay is one of the finest examples of FinTech, a field that is a combination of financial matters and technology. Both of these have an utmost important role in the banking sector. Before we dive into the answer of whether you can get cash back with Apple Pay and how much you can get back, let us take a closer look at the purpose of Apple Pay and how it all works.

Introduction to Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a completely card-less and contactless mode of payment. It more or less serves as a digital wallet. This tech-giant recognizes the perks of capturing the financial market and presented the solution in the form of Apple Pay.

Apple Pay uses the near-field communications technology (NFC). The chip is present in the different devices such as Apple Watch or iPhone. All the person has to do is swipe their gadget over the designated point present on the POS counter, and voila, the transaction is complete. This method is extremely simple and every layman who has an idea about the technology of Apple gadgets can easily accomplish this task.

All the devices of Apple that have a version higher than iOS 6 installed on them have the ability to utilize the services of Apple Pay. More than 50 countries utilize the benefits of contactless payments offered by Apple Pay. These services are more or less similar to a credit card but the one benefit that distinguishes them from each other is the fact that you do not have to keep anything extra such as a card in your wallet to make the payment except for your iPhone device. This drastically reduces the hassle of carrying things around in personal wallets.

Cashback with Apple Pay

The amount or percentage that a customer receives back from the organization after they have made a transaction via a certain application or on specific products is called cash back. In this scenario, if you utilize the services of Apple Pay, you can receive a certain amount of cash back as an incentive.

How Much Cash Back Can You Receive with Apple Pay?

It is important to remember that if you use Apple Pay at a store or shop that does not accept Apple Pay, then you will only receive 1% of the total amount in return. But on the other hand, if the store accepts Apple Pay mode of payments, then you can accept 2% in return. All purchases that are made through Apple retail stores and App stores offer a 3% cash back return.

How to Pay at Stores with Apple Pay

The process to pay at different stores with Apple Pay is quite simple. Following are the steps that you can follow to accomplish the task:

1. Go to the payment counter once you have picked out of the store.

2. Swipe the Apple device over the payment counter.

3.As soon as that happens, you will receive a notification from the Apple Pay application notifying that the transaction has been completed.

These are the three steps that need to be followed while making a payment at stores with Apple Pay. They are simple, easy, and straightforward. Due to this reason, Apple Pay is considered one of the most relaxed ways to complete the transactions.

In the worst case scenario, stores may not accept Apple Pay devices and gadgets. This is why it is better to carry an Apple card as well. You can swipe the card anywhere that you want. Swiping the Apple Card does not mean that the deduction of the amount will happen from the Apple Pay. It will happen from the account that is connected with your Apple Card.

How Does Cash Back on Apple Pay Work?

Every time you make a purchase via your Apple Pay account, there is an amount that is automatically sent back to your account. This amount is a percentage of the total expenditure that you made via Apple Pay and serves as the Cash Back. The important thing to remember is that every payment that is eligible for cash back should be made via Apple Pay and it must be legit verified. If the software fails to verify the authenticity of the payment, there is a chance that you will not be eligible to receive any cash back amount.

Cash back works on Apple Pay because of the concept of the Daily Cash program. This program gives you some points for every transaction and they are stored in your Apple Card account. As soon as the transaction is complete, your cash back amount is delivered. At times, there are some unexpected delays that are explicitly mentioned in a thing similar to bank statements. All you need is some patience and will receive the cash back within no time.  

Condition and Requirements

Following are the conditions and requirements you must follow in order to receive cash back amounts:

1.   You must own an Apple Card, Apple Pay alone will not allow you to receive any cash backs.  

2.   You must follow all the rules and requirements of payments related to the Apple Card, failure to do so will cancel your Apple Pay account as well.

3.   There is no expiration date on the Apple Card therefore you never have to renew it.

How to Get Cash Back with Apple Pay?

There are many different ways that you can use to get cash back with Apple Pay. Here are a few of them:

Use the Apple Card

This is the best option for those who are regular customers of the Apple shop. You can swipe the apple card and receive all the cash back on your Apple Pay. Depending on the store, product, and store location, your cash back percentage can range from anywhere between 1% to 3%. It is one of the best deals out there in terms of discounts.

Link Cash Back Credit Card with Apple Pay

If you want, you can attach the details of your credit card that has the cash back offer on it with your Apple Pay. Every time you make a purchase of any Apple product, you will receive a cash back amount on Apple Pay. This is a win-win situation for all. The percentage can vary from 1% to 6% in cash back.

Get Debit Card Cash Back with Apple Pay

There are several different stores that accept Apple Pay as a form of payment. You can integrate your debit card with the Apple Pay application and then get the cash back amount in the Apple Pay. Here there is another limitation that is the store must also offer the cash back amounts on different products. The cash back percentage is not absolute in this case and can vary widely from one store to another.


The answer to can you get cash back with Apple Pay? How much is quite simple. Depending upon the type of service that you are using in order to receive cash back, the percentage can vary from 1% to even 6%. This amount is almost like a great discount every time you go shopping. Apart from that Apple Pay also allows a person to go completely cashless and make contactless payments. These are some of the reasons why Apple Pay is becoming increasingly popular with every passing day.